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Thirteen-year-old Kitrina Bancroft comes from a long line of hunters who destroy monsters. Her ancestral home, located on the outskirts of a small town, was built at the pinnacle of where fears manifest into being. Inside the manor, the hidden staircases, secret passageways, trap doors, and the labyrinth behind the walls contain the threats until they’re vanquished. But sometimes, things escape. Kit’s parents go missing. She soon discovers monsters sometimes hide in plain sight, and it will take the combined efforts of Kit with her younger sister Jem and an undying trust in their hunter bloodline to keep a blissfully unaware town safe from destruction.

Resigned to the fate of marrying her childhood sweetheart, Melanie Worth is wary but also secretly thrilled when an unrivalled warrior, Jamie de Brock, displays interest in her during a tournament. Betrothed to Merick de Balan, the second son of a prominent neighboring estate, Melanie longs to wed with a man who does not require constant rescuing. But when the warrior she admires from afar decides to steal her for himself, Melanie finds that she is the one who needs rescuing.

Merick might be lacking in strength but is not lacking in pride. He has seen the hot glances his betrothed has been exchanging with Jamie de Brock—the Dragon—and it does not overly surprise him when the two run off together. But after Merick learns his sweet, naive Melanie was no willing companion of the man, he must train to become a warrior, as formidable as Dragon, to win her back.

A disguised Merick deceptively integrates himself into Dragon’s castle and is trained by none other than the legendary de Brock—the very man he has vowed to challenge. The two forge an unlikely bond while Merick and Melanie secretly plot and plan a way to escape. The reunited couple engage in a dance of deception, with each move bringing them closer and closer to a daring finish. Unbeknownst to them is the fact they have greatly underestimated their opponent. For Dragon too plays a game—one that he is determined to win at any cost.

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